SAP Invoice Management by OpenText enabled Halcor and Metalign to digitize manual, labor intensive and paper based invoicing data entry

Working effectively with our partner TEKA Systems, SAP and OpenText partner, for the implementation of SAP Invoice Management by OpenText solution , Halcor and Metalign were able to:

  • Replace the traditional multistep, manual activities with automated processing based on business rules.
  • Leverage Optical Character Recognition and machine learning capabilities to digitize paper based invoices.
  • Boost employee productivity with automated invoicing.
  • Gain business insights and improve decision making Enhance vendor relationships and win more discounts.

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What Our Customer Says

“One of the challenges faced by Metalign as a Financial Service Center of ElvalHalcor its subsidiaries affiliates, was the fact that accounts payable process utilised over 50 of the total workforce The respective process was paper based, fragmented, laborious and extremely time consuming. With these key issues in mind it was decided to install a Vendor Invoice Management system in order to Improve efficiency employee productivity, streamline the process, simplify operations, improve quality as well as eliminate existing bottlenecks”
Spyridon Kokkolis , President Metalign, CFO ElvalHalcor

“The smooth and successful implementation of OpenText VIM resulted in achieving various benefits for ElvalHalcor as well as Metalign like reduced time of invoice handling and related administrative tasks Furthermore, quality has been improved since VIM significantly reduced the likelihood of errors.”
Sofia Tsakmakli , General Manager, Metalign

Companies usually face difficulties managing their invoicing process on time, let alone quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Halcor is the copper tubes division of ElvaHalcor S A and specializes in the production, processing and marketing of copper and copper alloys products For more than 80 years, Halcor has been offering innovative and added value solutions that meet contemporary client demands in fields, such as plumbing, HVAC&R, renewable energy, architecture, engineering and industrial production As a result of the company’s strategic investments in research and development, Halcor is recognized as one of the leading copper producers globally, setting new standards in copper processing Metalign is a finance business service company serving a wide range of clients located in Greece, Bulgaria and the UK To address business needs such as gaining insight and real time control of the Accounts Payable process and eliminate time consuming processing of paper invoices, Halcor and Metalign implemented SAP Invoice Management by OpenText.

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