Why SAP Business One by TEKA

TEKA Systems, SAP Gold partner in Greece, is considered one of the most expertise firms in Greece regarding to SAP Greece localization (formally known as Hellenization).

It has developed for SAP ECC and S4HANA solution covering complex customers requirement especially regarding production costing and Payroll solution (adopted by SAP).

Recognizing that SAP Business One customers have similar needs, TEKA Systems transferred the architecture and experience of these solutions to a ready-made solution package for Greek companies using SAP Business One that offered for free to its customers.

Services provided

Special Solutions for SAP Business One Customers

Recognizing that SAP Business One customers have such needs, it has developed specialized solutions based on the existing architecture, creating a ready-made package that it offers to its customers for free. Those includes:

Costing / Stock & COGS Valuation / Warehouse Book Report for Business One. 

Specifically, this application provides:

  • Valuation of all transactions from SAP Business One (sales, purchases, intra-movements, inventory differences, production, consumables, etc.).
  • Reconciliation of sales and purchases (provisions actual) with General Accounting.
  • Actual Costing at the end of the period by valuating:
    • Material and row material
    • Semi-finished Products
    • WIP (Work in Progress) production orders
    • Purchasing provision
    • Costing of Production Activities and Resources per operating hour
  • Inventory & COGS Valuation based on weighted moving average (WMA), FIFO or Standard Cost
  • Valuation at plant or company code level to the lowest material level such as material, batch or sales order
  • Cost component analysis with multilevel rollup of cost
  • Valuation of work in process (WIP)
    Valuation   CO-Products, By products
  • Reworking product
  • G/L Accounting revaluation.

Indicative Reporting Provided

  •  Warehouse book 
  • Analytical material ledger
  • Book of production and costing
  • Price History
  • Valuation report
  • Physical inventory book
  • Material actual cost estimate
  • Cost component analysis

This application covers both perpetual and non-perpetual Inventory.

Post-dated Checks Management for Greece in SAP B1:  

Managing checks and post-dated checks in Greece and is a time consuming process for any company.

TEKA Solution include:

  • Checks receivable – payable
  • Complete Accounting Management with Management of bank accounts, cash total and per check register
  • Customer, supplier management
  • Own & third party check Signature management
  • Complete bill of exchange: General and per bank
  • Check status history
    • Paid
    • To supplier
    • At bank
    • In portfolio
  • Retrieve / track and analyse checks per month / expiration date / issuer / account / recipient

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