TEKA Systems’ Salesforce practice was established in 2018. With our end-to-end Salesforce portfolio of consulting, implementation, support, and integration services, including application migration to the Salesforce platform, TEKA Systems is an innovative and trusted consulting partner for Salesforce. Our practice comprises a dual horizontal and vertical go-to-market strategy, customized to the needs of each of our clients and incorporating our expertise in the manufacturing industry, where TEKA Systems holds a track record spanning nearly half a century.

TEKA Systems provides excellence across the spectrum of Salesforce products, including Sales, CPQ, Service, Marketing, Commerce, Experience, Analytics, Industry Solutions, as well as MuleSoft.


Product Overview

Salesforce offers a wide range of features and capabilities which can be tailored to meet
the specific needs of your business.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses manage their sales, marketing, and customer support operations, with artificial intelligence integrated across all Salesforce products.

Salesforce Customer 360

Salesforce Customer 360 is a product portfolio which connects Data, Artificial Intelligence, and CRM to help you connect with your customers in a whole new way. It provides a unified view of your customers across all departments and channels, breaking down data silos and creating a single source of truth for customer data. You can use Customer 360 to personalize customer interactions, automate workflows, and gain insights into customer behavior.

Key Features and Capabilities

Salesforce offers a variety of services and tools, each targeted at a specific function or market. These tools are called “clouds” because they’re all served via cloud computing. Here are some of the Salesforce clouds and their features:

  • Sales Cloud

This is a customer relationship management platform that helps businesses manage their sales operations. It provides a range of features such as lead and opportunity management, sales forecasting, and sales analytics. You can use Sales Cloud to increase sales, automate your sales process, and communicate with your customers across multiple channels.

  • Service Cloud

This is another CRM platform that helps businesses manage their customer support operations. It provides features such as case management, knowledge management, and customer self-service. You can use Service Cloud to provide personalized customer support and to automate your support process.

  • Marketing Cloud

This is a digital marketing platform that helps businesses manage their marketing campaigns across multiple channels. It provides features such as email marketing, social media marketing, and mobile marketing. You can use Marketing Cloud to personalize your marketing campaigns and to automate your marketing process.

  • Commerce Cloud

This is an e-commerce platform that helps businesses manage their online sales operations. It provides features such as product catalog management, order management, and payment processing. You can use Commerce Cloud to create a personalized shopping experience for your customers and to automate your sales process.

  • Experience Cloud

This is a platform that helps businesses create and manage digital experiences for their customers, partners, and employees. It provides features such as content management, community management, and employee engagement. You can use Experience Cloud to create a personalized experience for your customers, partners, and employees, and communicate with them across multiple channels.

  • Analytics Cloud

This is a business intelligence platform that helps businesses analyze their data and gain insights into their operations. It provides features such as data visualization, data exploration, and predictive analytics. You can use Analytics Cloud to gain insights into your business operations, make data-driven decisions, and communicate your findings across your organization.

GDPR Ready

Salesforce is GDPR ready and maintains a comprehensive set of compliance certifications and attestations to validate commitment to data privacy and security. Salesforce supports customers on their GDPR compliance journeys, and it has acquired Second Level Compliance.

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