OpenText ™ Extended ECM for Engineering (formerly Engineering Document Management) is an add-on to the OpenText Extended ECM Platform that effectively helps control the risk of project design, programming, and cost. This comprehensive solution allows owners-operators and engineering companies to gain faster returns from their investment, speeds up production time, and allows efficient asset operations.

There are many industry forces that are driving energy and engineering companies to examine how they control their engineering information and work processes. Energy and engineering companies have learned to adapt to fluctuating and often cyclical commodity prices. When commodity prices go up, they shift focus to investing in Capital Projects. When prices go down, they shift focus to improving operations efficiency and Asset ROI.

Every time there is a severe Environmental Health and Safety incident companies check their processes aiming to avoid similar outcomes in the future. During these reviews, many companies find they are severely lacking in consistency and control processes that ensure safety and compliance.

Without effective engineering and asset information management controls in place, executing large engineering projects and operating the resulting assets can result in significant risk to scope, schedule, cost, and non-compliance.

Extended ECM for Engineering provides a single, authoritative repository for storing and controlling engineering documents and work processes. The solution helps Document Control Managers, Engineers, Engineering Leaders, External Collaborators, and subsequent Operations Personnel to efficiently control engineering information, work processes, and risk across the lifecycle of projects and operations to help accelerate revenue.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers persona-driven dashboards and streamlined work processes that make finding information, getting work done, and controlling risk efficient and effective
  • Improves ROI and time to milestone completion through accelerated exchange and collaboration, both within projects and through the handover to operations
  • Deep extensibility with Web Services, REST API, and Content Intelligence Tag Support enables customers, implementers, and partners to extend engineering work processes and develop tailored dashboards and reports to meet their unique needs
  • Enables deep integrations into leading Energy and Engineering ecosystem applications via the Extended ECM Platform.
  • Enables easy report, chart, and widget/tile creation to tailor departmental and persona based dashboards that provide the information they need when they need it.
  • Enables geospatial content navigation through an ESRI ArcGIS integration. This provides visual navigation capabilities during project and operations ensuring intuitive access to the relevant content based on the location of an asset or project.
  • The optional Brava! Viewer add-on provides secure, web-based viewing and annotation capabilities for efficient review, approval, and production processes without the need for native applications.
  • Increases production uptime and revenue by speeding task and project completion
  • Provides deep integration into SAP® Plant Maintenance, via the optional Extended ECM Enabler for SAP, to accelerate handover to operations while joining structured data with unstructured content for asset management processes via a choice of interfaces. This results in improved productivity, reliability, compliance, and worker safety while reducing costs and environmental impact
  • Ensures a single source of engineering truth by integrating sources of engineering and asset information such as AutoDesk®AutoCAD®, Dassault®SOLIDWORKS®, Bentley® MicroStation®, AutoDesk® AutoCAD® & Revit®3D, and SAP® Plant Maintenance
  • Provides best practice configuration templates to accelerate project setup while allowing teams to configure to the unique needs of their projects and assets
  • Enables efficient exchange and collaboration on large volumes of content with internal and external parties while providing full control and tracking and unattended, secure, high-speed transmission, which speeds task and project completion
  • Enforces document naming and numbering standards automatically in compliance with each customer’s unique standards
  • Supports concurrent document revision or review by multiple teams to accelerate time-to-first-production
  • Helps defend against litigation claims by tracking who did what when with detailed audit trails
  • Provides secure access and collaboration on engineering documents from anywhere in the world with flexible deployment options

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