Build a foundation for an intelligent enterprise

Improve customer service and modernize your business processes with an open platform that enables you to choose from the latest cloud-native technologies and major hyper-scaler infrastructures.


of executives believe that IT must shift from support to value creation within five years.

Mckinsey survey, IT’s Future Value Proposition, July 2017


share of total addressable IT market fulfilled by cloud by 2020.

Gartner, Gartner Says Worldwide Public Cloud Services Market to Grow 18 Percent in 2017, Feb 2017


Integrate applications on premise and in the cloud, while securely connecting people, processes, data, and devices.

  • Simplify enterprise integration
  • Choose from multi-cloud and hybrid environments
  • Gain real-time, trusted access to SAP and non-SAP data
  • Get preconfigured business process integrations and third-party open connectors
  • Leverage the SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite

Enterprise Extensions

Extend SAP solutions in a fast and agile way without disrupting key business processes.

  • Develop robust and scalable cloud-native applications quickly
  • Extend solutions as key differentiators
  • Create innovative ways to operate more efficiently
  • Serve the needs of employees and customers better
  • Leverage SAP Cloud Platform capabilities for enterprise extensions

Turn your data into business value

Application development and integration solutions are a core part of the Business Technology Platform, providing ways to extend, integrate, and build applications for better business outcomes.

Key Benefits

Integrate processes and data between cloud apps, 3rd party applications and on-premises solutions with this open, flexible, on-demand integration system running as a core service on SAP Cloud Platform.

Access a deep catalog of integration flows

Get an integration service that is secure, reliable and delivered and managed by SAP in SAP’s secure data centers across the globe

Integrate both processes and data through unified technology engineered for the cloud

Lower TCO with an affordable, pay-as-you-go subscription model and minimal up-front investment

Get maximum value from SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Jump-start your SAP solution implementation and drive ROI by collaborating with industry experts, consultants, and support engineers throughout your journey.


Take advantage of SAP holistic service and support plans, expert consulting services, custom application development, proven best practices, and deep industry and technical knowledge, enabling the quick and effective transformation of your business.


Get the support you need to keep your SAP solutions running at peak performance with our IT experts and support services. Offerings and programs include long-term plans, embedded teams, remote technology support, a self-service portal, and innovation strategies.

Security and Compliance

Focus on your business and customer relationships, knowing that your data is safe and reliable. With a proactive, predictive approach, SAP helps ensure compliance and data security in the cloud and within an on-premise data center.

Streamline and simplify your business processes

SAP Process Orchestration

Model, implement, integrate, and monitor custom process applications and integration scenarios – quickly and flexibly. You can innovate faster and respond better to changing demands by creating more streamlined adaptable processes.

  • On-premise deployment
  • Faster modeling and deployment of business process applications
  • Lower costs related to integrating heterogeneous systems
  • Improved data quality and reduced data entry effort

Key Benefits

Reduce cycle times

Improve the speed and flexibility of your business operations by creating custom process applications.

Lower the cost of ownership

Decrease costs and development effort with processes, rules, and integration management from one unified solution.

Improve compliance

Enhance the enforcement of your legal regulations and corporate policies by using automated rules.

Key Features

End-to-end business process management

Create, deploy, connect, monitor, and adapt new business processes in one solution, while applying graphical business models and notation (BPMN) standards.

Support for human and automated tasks

Design user interfaces automatically to view detailed data, perform relevant activities, as well as access, update, and reuse business functionality.

Cross-application and cross-business processes

Use a single instance of middleware to support application-to-application (A2A) and business-to-business (B2B) integration.

Decision gateways and business rules

Leverage business rules to automate decisions related to a process or integration scenario and allow users to modify them, when needed.

Technical Information

This product is deployed on premise, and system and software requirements vary by specific customer scenarios.

System requirements

Find out how system administrators can perform regularly scheduled or on-demand activities such as monitoring, backup and restore, and data archiving.

Data security

Discover how SAP Process Orchestration can help you manage IT systems securely by only giving authorized personnel access to critical information.

Deployment scenarios

Deploy SAP Process Orchestration on one system by installing or adding relevant usage types to an existing instance of the SAP NetWeaver technology platform.

Use Internet of Things to unlock your Intelligent Enterprise

SAP Leonardo Internet of Things

Follow Industry 4.0 methodologies and principles in the cloud and achieve a step-change in operational efficiency. With the SAP Leonardo Internet of Things (SAP Leonardo IoT) solution, you can understand usage patterns and drive action from insight with customer-facing, digital IoT platform services, and sensor data embedded in business processes.

  • Cloud deployment
  • IoT data enriched with business context
  • Event-to-action framework for IoT integration
  • Analytical services and query models

Unlock your Intelligent Enterprise with the Internet of Things

Key Benefits

Redefine the customer experience

Innovate digital, customer-facing offerings and create value-added services that complement your physical products.

Increase operational efficiency

Drive business outcomes by integrating IoT data into line-of-business applications and other intelligent technologies.

Reimagine business models and revenue streams

Encourage open innovation with an ecosystem of an IoT platform and business data while keeping core processes stable. 

Key Capabilities

Digital twin model representation

Enrich IoT data within the business context of the asset and operator – all based on a unified semantic model.

Rules and events management

Apply rules as a stream or batch to contextually enrich IoT data and use events to turn insights into outcomes.

Action-driven business integration

Trigger event-based actions by creating business tasks – such as purchase requisitions or service tickets – in line-of-business applications.

IoT-enriched analytics

Define your analytical model and aggregations while accessing IoT data to gain insights with analytics solutions such as SAP Analytics Cloud.

Control of IoT data access

Grant data access to employees, customers, and partners with a granular authorization concept based on user roles, hierarchies, and properties of a particular instance.

IoT application development

Deliver powerful, IoT-ready applications and enhance or modify their code to fit a specific use case. Apply templates available through the SAP Cloud Platform Web IDE service.

Intelligent Edge Computing Software

Extending your intelligent enterprise to the edge.

SAP Edge Services

SAP Edge Services deploys powerful microservices at the edge – with robust offline capabilities that can help you gain domain-specific insights, monitor real-time events and actions, and execute enterprise business processes locally – even with intermittent connectivity.

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Autonomous operations at ultra-low latency
  • Ability to throttle data volumes to reduce costs
  • Cloud-driven deployment and lifecycle management

Key Benefits

Improve speed and performance

Extend your intelligent enterprise to the edge to run high-performance business processes uninterrupted and without dependency on bandwidth, connectivity, or latency.

Reduce data transmission and communication costs

Enable cost-cutting methodologies through data throttling and optimize compute spend by prioritizing which data to process locally and which data to send back to your digital core.

Make decisions in real time

Process and analyze data at the intelligent edge, even when resources are not  connected to a network, enabling real-time decision-making and agile responses. 

Key Capabilities

Support for essential business functions

Bring operational data together with enterprise business context from SAP ERP, SAP S/4HANA, or SAP C/4HANA to make decisions locally and execute complex business processes asynchronously.

Real-time data streaming

Analyze IoT data streams in real time to enable pattern recognition and automated events, while defining sophisticated business logic rules and relevant actions. 

Optimized data storage and operations

Store IoT data locally and run intelligent edge computing processes close to IoT devices to minimize bandwidth congestion, set local data rules, or extend functionality. 

Predictive analytics

Deploy, execute, and update analytical models using edge computing to predict and prevent real-time incidents and find undetected anomalies.  

Security and Compliance

Data security

Focus on your business and customer relationships, trusting that your data is safe and reliable. Our proactive, predictive approach helps ensure compliance and data security.

Data protection and privacy

Protect the rights of employees, applicants, customers, suppliers, partners, and others with SAP solutions that preserve data ownership, security, and privacy.


Trust that SAP products meet the latest compliance and security standards, thanks to external reviews and audits, as well as our use of one common framework worldwide.

Transform your business with service support

Evolve your business with services and support from TEKA Systems – your trusted adviser for digital transformation strategy and execution.

Simplify and accelerate your digital transformation

Secure critical business processes on your path to innovation and digital transformation with the holistic, end-to-end service support that reflects over 20 years of unparalleled knowledge, experience, and innovation.

Transform your business with unparalleled service support

Close the gap between your digital transformation strategy and execution with innovation discovery, digital strategy, and business transformation services from a trusted adviser that knows SAP software best.

Develop with SAP Fiori

Build applications for your organization that are simple, pre-configured, and UI technology-independent. There are many ways to make use of the SAP Fiori design for your own projects.

Cut development time remarkably

Design for enterprise software is not only design of software, but also design of how businesses operate and how people work. 


cost reduction in front-end development

SAP Fiori elements allow you to scale with consistent design, making it easy and convenient to create customized applications for your business, while saving a lot of money. SAP Fiori elements have proven savings in front-end development of up to 80% more than before. IT is noted that all SAP Fiori elements are free.


UX and product consistency

Achieve product consistency with design guidelines for SAP Fiori. SAP has the ambition to provide an integrated suite of intelligent solutions. The product standard for UX consistency ensures a coherent experience for users across products, processes, and technologies.

Deliver the next-generation user experience

How to get SAP Fiori.

SAP will move any new product to the modern design of SAP Fiori so your users can get a consistent, end-to-end experience. SAP Fiori is part of SAP S/4HANA, SAP Integrated Business Planning, SAP C/4HANA, and SAP SuccessFactors solutions, and is planned to be introduced into other SAP products in the future.

Turn thinking into doing

Bring your ideas to the market and be the first to capitalize on emerging trends and technologies. 

SAP Fiori

The SAP Fiori user experience has redefined the way enterprise users work. With a new visual design and appearance, work is more delightful and ready for the next-generation workforce.

Design. Develop. Deliver. A modern UX for every device. And every user.

SAP Fiori is the UX of the Intelligent Enterprise that changes the way you work. It equips designers and developers with a set of tools and guidelines to create apps for any platform faster than ever – providing a consistent, innovative experience for both creators and users. SAP Fiori enables you to turn new ideas into great apps as quickly as the market demands.

Design with SAP Fiori

Use the UI resources of our award-winning user experience for designing great enterprise software. We are constantly evolving it to make sure your users keep getting the best enterprise UX in the industry.

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