Over the years, TEKA Systems has received many major certifications, as a result of its investment and its commitment to ensuring the highest level of services to its customers. Moreover:

  • SAP Service Partner
  • TEKA Systems certified SAP Service Partner
  • Quality system certifications

Our company has been certified by the internationally recognised  EN ISO 9001: 2015 certification provided by TUV AUSTRIA. The certification has been awarded for:

  • Planning, Development, Installation, and Support of Information Systems and Training of its users
  • Planning, Development, Implementation, Installation, and Support of Automated Systems

The certification is audited on an annual basis to ensure the provision of high-quality services and the further improvement of our company’s operation.

The company is at the stage of applying the EN ISO 27001 certification for the Information Security Management System and the award of the certification is expected shortly.

Training and SAP certification

As our utmost priority is to develop the skills of our partners, they all have active certifications by SAP AG, Microsoft AZURE, and  OPENTEXT for all modules TEKA Systems applies to the solutions developed to customers.

CMS System

TEKA SYSTEMS has established and operates a Combined Management System based on the International Standards ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

A key objective of TEKA SYSTEMS’s CMS is to provide a basis for continuous improvement of Service Quality and Information Security, satisfying the needs and expectations of those identified as its interested parties, to the maximum extent possible.

For the implementation of the above, the Company’s Top Management supports, implements, and promotes the basic principles and policies defined in the CMS by establishing objectives & KPIs for Quality and Information Security, based on the thorough and constructive cooperation of both its employees and its affiliates.

The basic principles as those are expressed through the procedures and policies of the Company’s CMS are:

·        Absolute compliance with legislation and regulations related to its business activities/processes

·        Identify and take into consideration in every step the requirements and needs of the Company’s interested parties

·        Compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO/IEC 27001: 2013

·        Identify & evaluate the potential risks and opportunities related to the company’s activities and taking measures to prevent and/or take advantage of them

·        Continuous customer support as well as constructive collaboration with all partners

·        Continuous training of personnel

·        Continuous enrichment and expansion of Business knowledge

·        Investigate the causes of non-compliance or complaints and further implement corrective actions

·        Protecting the customer’s interests and secure the handling of confidential data

·        Ensuring the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of the information produced, received and distributed in the context of Information Security

·        Maximizing the reliability of its information Assets.

The established operational procedures, as well as the objectives set for Service Quality & Information Security, are reviewed regularly by the Company’s Top Management in order to adapt to newly addressed customers’ needs, regulatory requirements and to achieve the goal of continuous improvement.

Through the continuous reviews of the above, the Company’s Top Management is in constant search for both human and material resources. The Company’s Top Management is committed to the provision of the resources needed to meet the needs & expectations of the interested parties as those arise and are shaped by socio-political as well as technological developments, to the best of its ability.

In order to promote the concepts described by this Policy, the Company’s Top Management has organized and addressed additional responsibilities and controls to be carried out by:

·        The Information Security Representative, with responsibilities related to all aspects of Information Security

·        The Quality Assurance Representative, with responsibilities related to all aspects of Service Quality

It is also a responsibility of the Company’s Top Management to ensure that the Quality & Information Security Policy is communicated, understood, and implemented by all of the Company’s human resources, with the ultimate goal being the continuous & steady growth of business and total commitment to the Company’s principles & culture, offering to its customers top quality services.

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