Turning insights into impact.

The ability to turn insights into impactful decisions, by accelerating deployment and user adaption across the organization, has always driven our product development.

One organization – One platform

Disparate systems and excel files are history. Create alignment between employees of every department within your organization ensuring everyone works with the same version of the truth.

Secure and scalable

Management of large amounts of data doesn’t need to be a hard task. Delivery of the right insights, to the right people, at the right time with industry-leading user and data governance tools. Free up time to what matters most.

Solving the 20/20 challenge

Today, less than 20% of knowledge workers use BI applications utilizing less than 20% of the available data. Embed TARGIT directly inside the business applications where people already work and see the numbers increase.

TARGIT Decision Suite

A BI and Analytics platform offers true value when insights end in the hands of those driving the business, fueling data-driven decisions that make a real impact on the company.
From raw data to immediate insights leading to real business impact TARGIT Decision Suite is the best solution for your organization’s platform.

Utilize AI with analytics.

Analyze relevant data across data sets with natural language and self-service analytics utilizing the full potential in TARGIT Decision Suite. Utilizing AI, the system will understand the terminology of the business, and let non-IT users find the insights they need.

Easy access to all your applications

Easily embed it in your company portal, business applications, or website. Access dashboards, reports, and analyses and drill down into details from Windows, web, and mobile.

All data. All in one place.

Combine data from all your data sources with TARGIT. Connect, import, and integrate them, while utilizing TARGIT’s inMemory database, or use TARGIT Decision Suite on top of your existing analytics setup.

Easy to use, maintain, and deploy.

Increase the usage of BI across the organization by making the right data more accessible for the right people. Due to its robust security model, TARGIT is easy to maintain.

Design, manage, and schedule

Design and manage reports, and build reports where objects are automatically linked with easy maintenance, allowing you to send the right data to the right people.

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