Our History

TEKA Systems was founded in 1975 and for more than 40 years has been a leading technology company in Greece and the Balkans combines engineering, automation & informatics technologies to integrated projects.

ΤΕΚΑ Systems offers and supports innovative solutions, assisting companies growth and expansion of their activities.

TEKA Systems provides specialized business consulting services to companies and organizations of the private and public sectors in Greece, the Balkans, Europe, Middle East, United States, Russia and Australia, among others.




TEKA Systems has a multilevel experience in the field of engineering, construction, erection – commissioning, automation technologies and business applications for more than four decades. The company supports businesses from various sectors, both in Greece and abroad, providing them with innovative services in the fields of Information Systems and Industry & Production.

  • 1975

    Founding of TEKA Systems
    as a service provider in the field of
    Information Systems and Industrial Production
    Management Systems

  • Aluminium coil annealing
    and homogenization furnaces


  • 1992

    New four high hot rolling mill for Alluminium &
    Equipment for production of fiber optics cables

  • New push-type Aluminium slab
    preheating furnace


  • 1994

    Overhead transport system
    for copper tubes

  • New Aluminum tilting type holding furnace
    of 100T capacity


  • 1999

    Partnership with SAP AG – Creation
    of Customer Competence Center

  • Erection of a new six-high Aluminium cold rolling mill
    32T capacity telescopic overhead cranes
    Trimming line for 32T


  • 2002

    Certification of TEKA Systems as
    SAP Business & Service Partner

  • Geographic expansion in Bulgaria
    with TEKA Systems EAD


  • 2003

    Steel slab loading system for
    a slab preheating furnace

  • Project implementation in Bulgaria,
    Romania, Serbia and Albania


  • 2007

    Certification as
    SAP Channel Partner

  • Widering of an existing hot steel
    plate mill from 1600mm to 2000mm
    wide plates


  • 2010

    Increasing capacity of an existing
    Aluminium holding furnance
    from 80T to 125T

  • Certification of
    SAP Business One Service
    and Reselling Partners of SAP


  • 2013

    Edge rolling machine at existing
    hot Aluminium sheet
    rolling mill

  • TEKA Systems installs the
    first SAP BW HANA in Greece.
    The company was recognized by SAP
    as the Partner of the Year
    for the region of Southeast Europe.


  • 2015

    Modification of the exit rollway
    of hot rolling mill
    for Aluminium plates

  • Successful abroad activity continues
    with projects in the US, Australia
    and Russia


  • 2016

    Erection of two continuous sheet
    casting lines for Aluminium

  • The company was recognized by SAP
    as the TOP Influencing Partner
    for the region of Southeast Europe.


  • 2018

    Partnership with OpenText
    and certification as Service
    Partner and Microsoft regarding
    SAP on Azure

  • Closed cooling water circuit
    for main motors of a hot
    finishing tandem Aluminium rolling mill


  • 2018

    Cooling water circuit & pump station
    for hot & cold rolling Aluminium

  • Erection of a new slitting and
    trimmimg line for Aluminium


  • 2019

    Strategic Alliance with ELSOP
    in Greece and implementation
    of the first SAP S4 / HANA
    on AZURE installation.



Our People

Having more than 200 specialized professionals ready to work closely with you to design the best solutions for your business, we are one of the leading IT and Industrial Engineering companies, with many years of experience in large-scale and complex projects.

For us at TEKA Systems, our staff is the most valuable asset and our top priority is to pursue a human-centered policy. In this context, we encourage creativity, innovation and productivity.



Our Philosophy

Our mission to continuously provide high-quality services to our customers through our values and our people is the cornerstone of TEKA Systems philosophy.
Our vision is to encourage and broaden the confidence of businesses and our partners, by investing in the elements that evolve and position us as one of the top Innovative companies in Southeastern Europe.


    We focus on formulating a fully professional and effective system to our client, an utmost priority to us.


    The company’s obsession with meeting all the time and financial constraints and milestones of each project is clear, absolute, and non-negotiable.


    Quality of end products and services: Strong commitment to the quality of both its end products and services and its internal processes.


    Investment in knowledge and know-how: We constantly invest in acquiring specific knowledge and knowhow. TEKA Systems is a pioneer to a number of new systems and technologies expected to play a major role in companies’ production and operation.


    The high degree of the credibility of our products and services is based on the attitude and the out-of-the-box mentality of our people and the credibility of the proposed solutions and tools. We are confident that businesses are not an area for experiments.


    Continuous training and evolution: Investing in knowledge and know-how requires the right staff to highlight it. TEKA Systems is a pioneer in this field, financing training and certification programs for its staff. Through this process obtains competitive advantages such as the availability and technical perfection of its human resources.

  • R&D

    Research and Development: The company invests in research projects in order to develop applications and products that can support the growth path both of itself and its clients.


Company Certifications and Awards

Over the years, TEKA Systems has earned extremely significant distinctions, the result of the extensive know-how it has acquired and the continuous investments in our staff, which guarantee the high quality of the services provided to the customers.



 Since 2014, TEKA Systems has received the highest recognition of the SAP Consultants program and received the Gold Channel Partner certification. This distinction is a recognition of the high quality of the services it provides, reflecting the level and the value of customers included in its portfolio.



TEKA Systems has been certified as an official partner of OPENTEXT as Silver Service Partner, recognizing the company’s technical competence to implement and support Enterprise Content Services systems with OpenText solutions combined with SAP systems.



TEKA Systems is SAP Value Added Reseller (VAR) and works closely with SAP for new implementations and support for SAP products and technologies. TEKA Systems provides SAP maintenance services to its customers, ensuring that the implementation works smoothly, according to the customer’s specialized functional and technical requirements.


Microsoft Azure

TEKA Systems has received from Microsoft the distinction of the Gold Cloud Platform, regarding the design – implementation and operation of SAP systems in the Cloud (SAP on Azure). This distinction is the result of its technical staff certification and the experience of TEKA Systems in large and complex projects.



TEKA Systems is a certified SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE). The PCoE certification program was developed for SAP Partners in 2012 and includes a thorough evaluation process for prospective partners. This evaluation process takes into account the methods of development and maintenance/support of the solutions based on SAP software, ensuring that the customer service and the quality of the services meet the specifications of SAP AG. As part of the certification program, TEKA Systems is evaluated annually by SAP.



TEKA Systems’ Salesforce practice was established in 2018. With our end-to-end Salesforce portfolio of consulting, implementation, support, and integration services, including application migration to the Salesforce platform, TEKA Systems is an innovative and trusted consulting partner for Salesforce. Our practice comprises a dual horizontal and vertical go-to-market strategy, customized to the needs of each of our clients and incorporating our expertise in the manufacturing industry, where TEKA Systems holds a track record spanning nearly half a century.



TEKA Systems’ growth in recent years is reflected in its financial results. Our very strong business performance is a combination of our continuous growth of all financial measures and the healthy management which ensure our company’s positive outlook in the coming years

The following is a summary of TEKA Systems’ financial data from the last three years



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