Does the GDPR Affect Your Organization?

If your organization processes the personal data of EU citizens, read on...

Customers running SAP Business One for their enterprise resource planning (ERP) are equipped to easily and quickly fulfill certain GDPR requirements. In addition, SAP Business One is releasing upcoming enhancements like data protection and privacy tools, and enhanced changes to log personal data related fields and objects to ensure that all users’ rights are protected and customers are enabled to achieve data protection and privacy compliance.

If you’re a current SAP Business One customer or looking to quickly and easily obtain an ERP solution to ensure GDPR compliance, contact TEKA Systems to discuss details today.

  • SAP Business One obtains built in data acquisition processes to protect data by default.
  • With SAP Business One, you maintain the ability to completely erase personal data of customers, vendors, and employees if needed.
  • You can also easily transport data from one processing system to another.
  • And maintain records of processing activities to ensure transparency on processing of personal data.

GDPR Relevant Data

Any object storing personal data is relevant for the EU GDPR

Business Partners:

  • Contact persons
  • End consumer customers (natural persons)
  • Bank data

Business Documents:

  • Activities, services, opportunities
  • Marketing documents
  • Blanket agreements / Project management

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