TYPET (Mutual Health Fund of National Bank of Greece Personnel)


The key to our success in our cooperation with TEKA is the creation and combination of corporate data and results of our organization, in real time and within budget.

Also the possibility of collecting, immediately, integrated management reports, based on a consolidated business process.

Still critical system information is available, securely, to all responsible users.

The consultants of TEKA have extensive experience in SAP ERP issues and the solutions they propose are always strong and targeted and provide our organization with continuous and reliable support as they also take care of the strict observance of the agreed.

The latest project that is already in full operation is the Electronic Prescription of Medicines, through IDIKA. 

And the Inclusion of the referrals of the paraclinical examinations in the system of its Electronic Prescribing follows and is in full development.

SAP ECC 6.0 ( Financials, Controlling, Material Management, Sales & Distribution, HR/PY, Project System, ISH, Special Reports )

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