TEKA Systems S.A., as SAP's Gold Partner in Greece and a pioneer in the application of automation solutions in the industry with a presence and projects around the world, has completed another SAP customization project, this time on behalf of the multinational Ravago Building Solutions for Greece.

This project involved the implementation and coverage through SAP ERP of all the activities of the Ravago BS company, as well as the coverage of all the requirements applicable to its activity in Greece.

Ravago, as a multinational company, implements and adopts local tax legislation. TEKA Systems undertook the task of complying with the Greek tax legislation and the rules governing Ravago in Greece. The project was successfully executed and within the specified period, the subsystems used have to apply to Financial Management, Auditing, Sales, Distribution, Warehouse, Material Management, Production, and Quality Control.

The project was realized and delivered and is in full operation in 2022, for the entire activity of Ravago in Greece.

With the application of SAP ERP, Ravago has coordinated with the principles and procedures applied by the Parent company worldwide, while at the same time it has to uniform its operating procedures. In real-time the necessary structured information regarding the daily movements for all distribution and production points are present.

In addition to the above application and implementation of the SAP ERP system in Ravago, TEKA Systems offers, maintenance and support services to the system.

About Ravago Hellas

The history of Ravago Hellas starts in 1999 with the company POLYKEM A. E. and in 2009 becomes a member of the Channel of Ravago, "Ravago Building Solutions".

Currently, Ravago Hellas engages in the business area of Chemicals, Plastics and Elastomers, Construction & as indicatively thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproofing, chemical constructions, geosynthetics, etc.

Nowadays Ravago Hellas, based in Maroussi, Attica, has five branches and five production units that have warehouses in Oinofyta, Viotia (central privately owned warehouse), and Maroussi.

Recently, Ravago Group acquired Dow’s production business throughout Europe, which includes seven production plants, one of which is in Lavrion, integrating it into Ravago building solutions.

Ravago Hellas, maintains the successful distribution of the products of extruded polystyrene, constantly aiming at the best possible service to the market, having a broad portfolio of customers in Greece and abroad.

For more information, you can visit the website http://www.ravagohellas.gr

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