Proud to have been part of the SAP Partner Summit for SME, on April 23 - 25, in Madrid, Spain, fostering discussions on partnership initiatives.

By investing in the SAP marketplace, we gained not only valuable insights, educational resources, and a competitive edge, but also awarded with the EMEA South Partner Outstanding Performance Award for SAP Business One in Greece & Cyprus in 2023.

Main issues of the Summit:
• Taking SAP Business One into a Cloud future and keep addressing the lower mid-market segment and small businesses.
• SAP Business Technology Platform additional capabilities to be
developed side-by-side leveraging cloud native technologies to
support customers' growth and business transformation.
• SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition as the Cloud ERP for every business needs addressing the large enterprise as well as the upper mid-market segment.
• Presentation of the new SAP generative AI assistant “Joule”,
which is set to transform the SAP user experience.
• GROW with SAP, the new digital experience that meets the needs
of our customers.

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